curatorial work

HER/THEY-story dancing in and beyond rurally.

What if dancers could stay in the place they lived in!

A series of meetings for invited dance professionals 2022

1.Who are we? What is hosting? (11-13 February)`°/5 March`°/host Vishnu Vardhani Rajan(FI) and Inta Balode(LV)

2(A). RAIRAI 11 June in Västerås,host Amanda Billberg(SWE) during Scenkonstbiennalen

2(B).Summer Camp-Skaftarp, Sweden 15-17 June Moa Sahlin (SWE) and Márcia Lança(Portugal)

2(C) Glitchy starter during ICE HOT 30/6-3/7 in Helsingfors, Finland host Vishnu Vardhani Rajan(FI)

(3.Summer Camp, Sweden (Lund 18-June cancelled)

4.Workshop Weekend-Århus, Denmark 25-27 November Nonne Mai Svalholm(DK) and localartist host

5.End of Network series witn Community Ceremony-Fogelstad, Sweden 8-11 December Jannine and Amanda host

This new network 2022 opens up possibilities for critical artistic thoughts and actions. We rethink choreographyculture and open new channels of artistic expressivity and engagement.

The HER/THEY-story making, ideas comes from dialogues in this field that ask for senior contemporary choreographers, to make choreography in different scales. For institutions and public spaces, as solo makers. We are seeking collectiveness!

While still savoring solitude inbetween.


Interested in working together?